Video transcription

Hi I'm Noah and I'm going to show you how to find out who owns a domain. Luckily there is a system called who is which is basically a directory of all people owning domain names kind of like the white pages you could say of website owners. Now this is very handy because anyone can find out who owns a domain and it can be used by law enforcement officials to combat cyberspace crimes as well as by businesses to combat fraud. So if you want to find out who owns a domain simply go to google and search for the word who is all attached in one word. Here you will find lots of websites offering to do a search on the who is system. You can just use any one of them. For example Here just type in the name of the website you want to search for. For example, in the first box of the website and then click on go to find out who owns the domain. Now since e-bay is a huge company we'll have a rather complicated return of information from the who is system but if it's just a personal website the information will just be a few lines very simple often with the name of the actual owner of the domain. Here just scroll down and you can find lots of information about who registered the domain. here we have the name of the company E-bay Inc. and its address in California as well as an e-mail address and the fax number and the telephone number.