Video transcription

Hi, I'm Noah and I'm going to show you how to make a free web page. There are actually a lot of services which offer you the possibility to create a free web page and this is often very easy to do. It can be ideal especially for a family website for example where you want anybody to be able to add and edit content. But for a business website, this isn't probably the way you want to go. There are a lots of services that will let you make a free web page. One of the most well-known is a company called Webs which was formerly known as Freewebs. They can be found at Here, you can create your own website with their very easy to use tool; without having any knowledge of web design beforehand. It's actually free to sign up and build your site, but you will have to put up with an advertisement banner which will be on top of your site and which you can't remove. Of course if you pay you can have this ad removed. Finally, Google also offers similar service called Google Sites where you can simply sign on with your Google account and make your, a website with their easy to use creation tools as well. Now there's lots of other services, Yahoo and Google kind of compete with each other and have very similar offerings. Yahoo also has Geocities offering where you can make a free website with their easy to use tool. But here you'll also have to put up both ads on your site which aren't removable unless you pay their web hosting fee.