Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark Blocker in this segment we are going to cover how to select circular saw blades. Okay here I have three basic ten inch circular saw blades laid out, all three of them are a carbide tip cutting blade, and basic rule of thumb when selecting a saw blade is the fewer the teeth on it, the faster the cut, and the more damage on the board left from the cut the rougher the cut. So as you step up from like let's say a forty tooth, or excuse me, a twenty-seven tooth to a forty or a sixty tooth, this saw blade would be designed for rip cutting, making fast long vertical grain cuts where as the one with forty teeth is better for intermediate all around use it will still give you a fast cut and a reasonable cutting edge, and a higher sixty or above tooth type blades would be used for finish type work, where you need a real smooth cut, cross cutting, stuff of that nature, but they also have a tendency to cut slower. As the saw blade's diameter change as well a forty tooth ten inch blade would be a medium cutting but a forty tooth seven and a quarter inch blade would be a fine tooth. So general rule of thumb is the more teeth the finer the cut and the slower the cut, and the fewer the teeth the faster the cut and the more damage or rougher the cut surface. And that is how you select circular saw blades.