Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark Blocker, in this segment we're going to cover how to load a nail gun. OK here I've got a couple models of nail guns, a framing gun and a finish gun and I'll use those to demonstrate just a couple of different types of guns. They all pretty much load the same way. They all have a spring fastening device that holds the nails in place in the track assembly. OK so first step is to remove the spring assembly or slide it back and lock it into open position. It'll should slide back and latch. Once it's slid back and latched, the nails load in through a slot on the top of the rack assembly just by simply dropping the nails into place and then just releasing the latch mechanism that slides down and holds the nails in the rack. By pushing the release button that slides them down and loads them in the rack. That's how you load a framing gun. The finish gun is done primarily the same way. I want to release the latch assembly and the nails load in through the top of the slot, the rack assembly that holds the nails and we just want to slide the nails into that assembly and release the latching mechanism. That's how you load a nail gun.