Video transcription

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment we're going to cover how to replace a toilet seat. Okay, to replace a toilet seat, they're held down by two fasteners and it's usually contain inside plastic caps to cover them. This being the top portion of the toilet; this seals down there in the bottom portion of the base. To remove the covers, you just snap off and it should be expose the, they're generally the fasten device are made of plastic. Some of the really old ones are still made of brass or stainless steel. Now what you have is two fasteners on each end of a threaded device and to remove those you just want to twist counterclockwise; loosen both of them up. You may need to hold the bottom portions with a pair of pliers or your fingers to remove them rest away. To reinstall your toilet seat, just follow the same procedure. Now when you put it down, just snug down your fasteners, then allowing the seat assembly itself so you have good centering with the hole and everything. Make sure the lid opens and closes smoothly and then snug down the fasteners over, the rest away so they're completely tight. And you might have to try that realignment procedure just a couple of times 'till you get it right. That's how you replace a toilet seat.