Video transcription

Hi. I'm Ashleigh Gass, certified strength and conditioning specialist with So how do you get rid of lower back and abdominal fat? Well first of all, the reason that lower back and abdominal fat, or any extra body fat for that matter, accumulates is because one bite or one drink at a time, you create it. So the first thing that you've got to do is clean up your diet. If you live on foods that have a shelf life of two years, one year, or three years, you've got to replace those with fresh fruits like fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. It's also important that you do exercises, overall exercises that are designed to increase muscle mass. Because the more muscle mass that you have, the less body fat will accumulate. Here's a couple of exercises to get you started. This one is really for, it's a low back rehab exercise, but you can also use it to begin to develop muscle tone in your lower back area. Start off on your hands and your knees so that your weight is over your shoulders and through your knees. Bring your belly button in towards your spine. And slowly extend one leg back. You should feel your butt muscle tighten there. Bring the knee back in, just sweep the floor, and go back out again on the same side. When you've done a few repetitions there, you go to your other leg. So I've got my tummy nice and thin, and I bring my leg out, squeeze my butt cheek. And what you'll feel is your bum working, but you're also going to feel your lower back muscles contract, as well. I swept my knee on the floor. Now I come back, leg out. I'll show you one more on the other side. Extend your leg back. You'll feel your butt squeeze, and you should feel some muscles in your lower back. Sweep the floor with your knee, and come back out. You'll notice that I'm doing that exercise nice and slowly. Control is really the key to that particular exercise. There's one more that I'll show you. It's called a side crunch. So just start off on your side with both of your knees together, chest rotated up towards the ceiling, arms can be right by your ears. And just come up and do a side curl up, and back down. One more, and up. That exercise can target the muscles in the sides of your stomach. And it's important with both to use control rather than speed. So to get rid of lower back and belly fat, clean up your diet and learn how to strength train and do abdominal training properly. And what you'll find is that body fat will soon come off. For more information, you can contact me at