Video transcription

Hi I'm Ashleigh Gass, certified strength and conditioning specialist with How do you lose belly fat without diet and exercise? Well I'm sure that as you're sitting at your computer right now typing that into your search engine you've got the same expression on your face that I do, you can't do it, OK? We all know that in order to lose body fat, you need to exercise. Now the word diet to you might mean not eating much and taking a bunch of strange diet pills and that's not what diet means. So if you think that it takes dieting to lose body fat, I can understand why you might be confused. When it comes to diet, think more about nutrition. It's important to add more healthy foods into your diet while you also take away unhealthy foods from your diet. What will happen is that you'll begin to lose body fat because you're ingesting more healthy foods and nutritious foods then foods that are high in sugar, bad fats and starches that you really don't need. So when it comes to losing body fat without having to diet, just increase the amount of healthy foods that you're eating relative to the amount of junk that you're eating and what you'll find is your body will start to change, energy levels will start to increase and you'll probably find that you actually have energy to begin exercising which can be as basic as going for a walk every single day. For more information you can contact me at