Video transcription

My name is Helen Vella, Vella and Associates, business consultant, training, coaching and author. This segment is about negotiation skills. It is very important to have good communication when you have negotiation skills. You need to be able to listen to the person you are negotiating with because otherwise you are not going to know what you are going to be negotiating. You should also be prepared what is it that you are going to negotiate, what is this negotiation all about? Be prepared to accept a lesser or even more, be prepared to give more if you are going to negotiate. Always make sure that you can find yourself an equal place where you want to be so if you are negotiating something you want to know where your end point is and sometimes you have got to know that you are going to walk away as well because not all negotiations can work out to your best advantage and you might think that you have got to walk away from this one. Know what you are worth. Know what your company is worth and don't give yourself away. Sometimes you do have to do that to get better things but negotiate a good deal for yourself whether that is in financial terms or whether it is in benefits but make sure that you know what you want. If you don't know what you want, then you can't really negotiate. If you negotiate for someone else then make sure that you are understanding clearly what that person wants, listen to what's going on. Listening is key. A lot of people don't listen as much as they should. We listen, we don't hear sometimes what is going on so you need to listen and negotiate what you're worth. Negotiating your worth and a lot of people negotiate what they are not worth. So know what you are worth and negotiate what you want.