Video transcription

Hi, my name is Mark and we are going to look at how and why you need to take minutes during a meeting. Minutes are basically points that are raised during a meeting. So this often done as a point of memory of recording a situation during a meeting but it is also very important that it is formalized so that everyone that is involved in the meeting and possibly people outside of the meeting no that it happened and what happened during the meeting. It is also can be used as legal document so if somebody says something didn't happen, but it was actually mentioned during the meeting, you can prove that it actually did take place or was discussed. So meetings very much are important as a form of reference to an activity taken place. Usually either a member of the team is asked to record this or a secretary is involved in officially taking notes during the meeting. Whoever it is, that person had the responsibility of recording all of the key points during the meeting. It is then typed up or sent for email or internal memorandum to all of the relevant people to keep everyone abreast of what is happened during that meeting.