Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to trim bamboo plants. Now there's many different types of bamboo plants. There's the shorter or running bamboos that take over. So you want to keep them contained. And then there's the more clumpy varieties that get taller and they don't really take over. And those can be put right in to the ground. And then these lucky bamboo. That's really not a bamboo at all. It's actually a Dracaena which is a house plant. So when you're trimming your bamboo, the rule of thumb is that bamboo is grass, the true bamboo. Whenever you find any brown leaves, you just trim that right out. And you can just pull them right off and cut them right out. Or periodically, you can cut them all the way to the ground and they'll make lush new growth again. If it's green and gorgeous, leave it alone. If it looks ratty or tacky because of the weather, the heat, the snow, chop it back. And it will grow, new lush growth. So treat it like you treat your lawn; if it's gorgeous and green, just trim it down here and there. If it looks tacky, just trim it down all the way to the ground and it'll grow lush new growth. But there's really no wrong or right way to trim bamboo because no matter what you do, it will come back. And the best time I found to trim it down is in the winter time because then it will get nice gorgeous new growth in the Spring and you can enough it all summer long again.