Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to keep birds out of your garden. Now there are all types of nice birds that you like in your garden like the hummingbirds or the little sparrows, usually they don't cause a lot of trouble. But if you have got big black crows or if you have got Canadian geese or other birds that are really wreaking havoc on your yard then you want to do something about it so really the only way to keep birds out of your garden is to try to either every time you see them I have done the hose trick, you just spray the hose on them and then they'll fly away but you have got to be there all the time to do it and birds are persistent so they'll keep coming back so the only other method that I have found that works pretty well is using any type of spice like red hot chili pepper, cayenne pepper, black pepper and if they're congregating in a certain area just sprinkle that all over the area and they don't like the smell so if they come down they'll actually not like the smell and it will burn their little feet and they'll go somewhere else. So by consistently either putting spices out or using a hose against them or even blowing an air horn or something really loud to scare them away you can usually get them to go away. A lot of times automatic sprinklers that have eyes on them too will shoot water on the birds but I have found that birds like water so a lot of times they'll get used to that spray and it won't bother them at all so by using a few different decoys too I have heard people tell me that by having little dogs or cats if you don't have any animals if you have like a dog statue somewhere sometimes that will slow them down or putting netting over everything. You can get the thin netting that you can put over your whole flower beds or if you have a koi pond and you don't want the birds to attack your fish then you can put the little netting all the way over your pond and it should detract them from bothering you. So it's not an easy task to get rid of the birds that you don't want in your garden but by being persistent and using every method there is available, there is hope.