Video transcription

Hey, my name is Shaun and I'm here with the Wilmington Boxing and Fitness Center. And I'm here today to talk to you about which exercise equipment is best for the elderly. Here is the chest press. This is good for the elderly because you don't have to control it a lot as using dumb bells or the bars. And the machines are better in that way but also when using this piece of equipment if you're older you want to make sure that your seat is at a right height that you're using. Make sure that your seat's at the right height. You have your weight at least twenty, forty pounds and you want to do the repetitions, if you're older, you want to keep it light about fifteen to twenty repetitions. Maybe starting out doing one set for each muscle group as you get older. And the benefits as you're older it helps with muscle density and your bone deterioration. So when using this machine which is the chest press you're going to put your hands here, your feet are flat, your back is flat against the pad here and you want to push out. And in doing this you want to make sure that you're not locking out your arms completely straight out like such. You don't want to lock your arms out. That's going to put stress on your joints and your arms. So this is one of the best exercises to use if you're older and you're looking to work out.