Video transcription

Let's talk about how to tell if a cat has been neutered. So neutering relates to males and females. Neutering males versus spaying females. In most humane societies, they're going to be neutered if they come out of there. But if we're talking about a cat or a kitten that was found, we're going to talk about how you can tell visually. It's not always possible, but in males their testicles look like little cotton balls honestly, they're just above the penis right under the tail and right below the anus. And so a cat that has been neutered will not have those little cotton balls sitting right there. Now there is rare instance where a cat or kitten retains their testicles and they don't descend all the way outside the body and so they may look neutered but they're not, so have your veterinary clinic help you with that. Unneutered male cats have really typically fowl ammonia smelling type of urine, they also a lot of times will have larger jaws and they just look like tomcats, you would think tomcats would look like. And so visually those are ways to tell if a male cat has been neutered. A female cat is going to have a spay scar right on the mid part of the abdomen, on the ventral mid line. And so you can look at that by, and veterinary clinics will do this a lot of times, by shaving the hair right over that area and looking for a white little scar where that spay was done. And so that's a fairly easy way on female cats to tell if they were neutered. There is another way in males in which if they've been neutered, their penis does not have barbs on it but I do not recommend trying to look at that as in they probably don't like that very much. Have your veterinary clinic help you to decide, especially if a male cat has been neutered seeing as how they can retain their testicles sometimes.