Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to reboot your computer's hard drive. Let's go to our computer and you have several options for rebooting your computer. Basically, if you're having trouble with your, your computer's hard drive; saving files or you're getting file errors, the good first thing to do is to just restart your computer; let it clear everything out; relaunch everything and just see how it acts after that. So let's click on the start button here and to see our rebooting options, there, you see we have the power button here; we also have the button to lock our computer. But right next to that is this little arrow. As you can see, we can go to hibernate mode which will basically turn your computer into a mode that uses very little energy and it's basically off and then when you open your computer back up or press the power button again, it'll reload everything and your computer will come right back up. You don't want to use hibernate or sleep in this case; what you want to use is restart. So if you click on restart, that'll actually close down all the programs; turn your computer off and then turn it back on. You also have the option to shut down which will turn your computer off; but not automatically turn it back on; you have to press the power button. So you want to choose either shut down or restart and basically that's going to restart your computer; you'll get a fresh new running and if you happen to encounter any file errors or hard drive errors after that, chances are your hard drive is, is probably going bad and you might want to get a backup of all your files as soon as possible. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to reboot your computer's hard drive.