Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to use WinZip which is a program for compressing files and creating groupings of files that appear in one file. Let's go to our computer. I'm going to open up WinZip, you can download it for free, it's actually a trial version that's good for 30 days from I think it's 12 dollars or so to buy it. So just click on your start menu, go to WinZip. We're going to open up WinZip 12.0. Now I'm going to use the evaluation version which basically down here at the bottom of the screen you'll see a button here that says use evaluation version. And this opens up the WinZip main screen. Now what I want to do to create a new zip is I'm going to create a new archive by clicking on new. It's going to ask me where I want to save that file. I'm going to call this my Hawaii pictures, that's under my documents. Now it's going to ask me what files I want to put into my archive. I'm going to search for some here. Just going to go to my user files here where I have some pictures stored. I'm just going to select all of those pictures and click add. Now it's going to tell me in some cases it can't use the best compression like for JPEG files which are already very well compressed, you won't really gain a whole lot as far as compression. So I'm just going to click, let's see I'm going to click yes which says I understand that I really won't be gaining a whole lot of space by compressing these files. As you can see it's adding those images to my archive then it gives me a little chart about how much file size it saved me. It went from 2.3 megabytes down to 1.83 megabytes. And there are my JPEG images in this zip file and if I open up My Documents, you can see that I have a WinZip file called My Hawaii Pictures that contains all of my JPEG pictures.