Video transcription

Hi I'm Noah, and I'm going to show you how you can use the snapshot tool in Adobe Reader. This is a very practical tool if you want to simply select a certain part of an image from a PDF document and modify it or to save it as a separate image. Using the snapshot tool in Adobe Reader is very easy. To use it simply go to tools, then select and zoom, then select snapshot tool. Then just click and drag to select whatever area you'd like to take a snapshot of. Then you should have a pop-up window saying, "the selected area has been copied". Once you've copied an area of of your PDF document, with your snapshot tool you can paste it into any image editing software. Lastly if you'd like to use snapshot tool often and easily you can customize the tool-bar and add it in by going to, tools, customize tool-bars. Here in the pop-up window just scroll down until you find the snapshot tool. It should be near the very bottom. Once you've found it, just simply check the box and then click okay on the window. Now you can notice that it has been added to the top tool-bar, and you can simply select it anytime you want from there instead of going through the menu, and then use it very easily.