Video transcription

Hi, my name is Sam Lewis from and I'm here to talk about how to use your sewing machine. Once you've got your sewing machine threaded, then your next step is to actually sew something. Now before you even start touching your sewing machine, first thing you need to do is take two piece of cloth you want to sew together presumably for a pattern or in this case just a piece of scrap to learn from and pin them along the length of the seam. This is actually more important than anything you do on the machine. Because this is how you keep your seams straight. Now, to start your sewing, insert your cloth under your presser foot, drop your presser foot, begin sewing slowly. Once you get about a quarter inch in, press your reverse button back sew along the same line. Once the end is tacked, pull your first pin out, hold your two pieces of cloth together and begin to stitch. As you approach the next pin, make sure your cloth is lined up hold on to both pieces tightly pull your pin out, continue sewing. Move your hand back, continue sewing. Again, you reach a pin, hold your cloth, pull through, as you come to the end, hold your cloth. At the very end press your reverse button again and over stitch, pull out through the end, cut off your thread, you have a seam.