Video transcription

Alright folks in this clip I'm going to teach you how to draw cartoons faces. Now, we're going to start with the eyes cause that's what I always start with I'm going to give you an example of that. I'm going to come up here and we're going to draw two big round eyes and then just kind of establish them. We're going to give some eyebrows just right in there. Throw in a little few eyelids. One thing your also going to want to do is draw sort of glow in the middle of the eye. A little light spot. So it looks like, it just gives the character more life. It actually what it would be in reality is a reflection of the light source in the room. Whether it be the sun or a lamp or something but in this case. It just to make the eyes look more alive. Now we're going to come in draw the nose. I often times don't add a whole lot of the detail to the nose but this of course up to you. Like I like do a simple little thing like that. So it's over and done with. Then we going to come in and we're going to draw a mouth. I like to give the mouth as a lot of personalty to a cartoons. I like to give them a nice happy smile most of the time. Do a little under lip just like that and then follow it. By just doing the cheeks and the outer edges of the face right around it. Just like that chin, cheeks all done right there. Then we come up and we going to anchor sides of the head with the ears. Right there on the side I did mine just like that and then I will come up and we will draw the top portion of the head and I like to come in and draw the hair. Right when I reach this point. Give him a little cowlick there on top. Follow the line I just did up to there and then come and maybe add a little bit of hair definition. Just like that and then come up the side and complete the head like so. So that would be one way to draw a cartoon head. Just your simple basic no frills cartoon head and obviously there are a whole bunch of ways you could do this. But that is basically the step by step process in how to draw a cartoon head and with the facial features.