Video transcription

How to repair scratched DVDs. Most of the time if the scratch isn't too deep, you can repair them with what's called a disk repair system. This one happens to be by Skip Doctor. The disk is inserted in this device,with a particular fluid applied to it, and then it's turned basically, over a mild abrasive wheel, which takes the scratch, and removes it, and also applies a particular material inside the scratch, to basically fool or deflect the laser beam, coming out of the laser pickup assembly inside your DVD player, so it would go over the scratch, without compromising the signal of the laser. This one also will do CDs, as well as DVDs. Sometimes, it takes up to five minutes, to have this process completed, which is great, if you're talking about a thirty or forty dollar DVD. This will not work if the scratch is very deep, or if the scratch is laid down in the disk in such a manner, where it travels along the path of the disk. If the scratch goes from the middle to the outside of the disk, it's a lot easier to fix that scratch.