Video transcription

How to improve TV reception. If you're watching television through your local cable provider, and the reception is poor, there may be a old wire that's compromised by whether, water, corrosion. Some of the connections on the cable plugs the cable wires could be corroded which would reduce signal strength. But if it's a digital signal coming in and you should be getting the channel and you're not getting it at all, your digital signal is compromised. There won't be any snow in the signal. It'll either be there or it won't be there. So if it's not there and it's supposed to be, then you've got a bad wire or a bad plug on the wire coming in to your house from the street. Also some of the local trunk systems in the neighborhood could be, could have a problem, either with their trunk amplifiers or some of the main wiring in the neighborhood as well. There's really no way you can prevent that unless you want to go out on the outside of your house and look at some of the cable connections that are coming in to your house. And the other way to improve reception is if you have an antenna on your house and you're not getting your signal from cable, you can adjust the antenna angle, the height of the antenna, improve the height of the antenna on a house or move the antenna so it's facing the broadcasting stations.