Video transcription

So routers take your private or the public IP address that your ISP gives you, like Comcast or AT&T, and disguises it on a private network, so you can have as many or up to 254 computers on a single network or router. So how does it do that? Well you can do it through a wired portion where on the back of any wireless router or switch there's a switching portion, which basically just connects all the computers on a single network. And without the LAN port or without the Internet Port, lets say, being connected, it will actually act as just a network hub, where you plug things in and out, and then those computers on the network can talk to each other. So that's how you connect 2, or up to 254 potential computers up on a single network through a router wired. Wirelessly you just need to enable that when you run the initial CD setup from your Internet gear, just go over or links us, whatever, whatever router that you buy that'll come with a CD that will step you through how to enable that. And again, you can setup up to 254 computers on that wireless route, on that wireless network. So that's very simple thing to do, when you setup the router, it will already be setup for up to 254, usually up to 254 computers at one time.