Video transcription

Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you the best way to clean your ceramic tile floors. You always want to sweep or vacuum your floors first to remove any debris obviously before you start actually getting down to the surface of the floor and cleaning it. If you have any stains, you can make a solution using laundry detergent and water. Just mix them, eyeball the solution until it looks like a nice pasty substance. Use this to scrub the grout or to scrub any stains that you may have on the floor. Works really well. If you have really stubborn stains, you may want to get a white cloth like this, make a solution with one part bleach, two parts water, saturate your white cloth in that solution, set it on the stain, cover it with plastic wrap, tape the edges so that the bleach water doesn't evaporate and the smell doesn't get out because the fumes are not really good for you to breathe in. let it sit like that overnight. In the morning, the stain should be coated to the top of your floor, you should be able to wipe it right off. Make sure to rinse it with some water so you don't leave bleach on the floor too long. Also the best thing all around to clean your floors with on a regular weekly or monthly basis is vinegar and water. This is a bucket of water. If you add a splash of vinegar to it, that is your best cleaning solution for any kind of floors including ceramic tile. Just get your mop ready, dip it in that solution, wring it out and mop as usual. Floors will dry by themselves, it's totally non-toxic earth friendly way to clean your house, vinegar and water will clean literally anything. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you clean a ceramic tile floor.