Video transcription

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment we're going to cover how to magnetize a screwdriver. Okay, there's several ways that you can magnetize a screwdriver. One quick, easy way to temporarily magnetize a screwdriver is take another magnet, touch it to the screwdriver, itself, and now the screwdriver can be magnetized and used as a magnet temporarily. Another of way of magnetizing a screwdriver, there's available magnetizers and demagnitizers, which is simply a magnet that has a hole through it that can be slid over the screwdriver. And this will allow you to temporarily magnetize or demagnetize a screwdriver. Another way that you can magnetize a screwdriver, I'm going to show you, is by use of a wire and a battery, a DC battery. This can be any voltage battery. The bigger the battery, the more voltage, the more magnetism it's going to create. But what we're going to do, is taking a piece of, this is just sixteen gage copper wire, shielded, and we're going to wrap it around a screwdriver and then short it to the positive and negative terminals on this battery. And that's going to create a magnetic field through that wire, around the screwdriver, thus magnetizing the screwdriver, itself. So what I'm going to do is start up at one end, and leave myself a couple inches hanging out. We're going to wrap this screwdriver up in the wire. Okay. And as I was saying, you're going to want a battery, oh, somewhere around twelve volts, fourteen volts, eighteen, twenty four, something of that nature. I'm going to use a little battery pack from a rechargeable drill. Now, what I'm going to do is just temporarily create a short. Okay, I'm going to briefly touch this together, creating a magnetic...or creating a short, thus causing a magnetic field and magnetizing the screwdriver. It doesn't matter how you've got your polarities set up, you're still going to magnetize it. Voile! Okay, remember, if you use the battery trick to magnetize a screwdriver, you just want to briefly touch it. You don't want to hold it there. Doesn't matter about the polarity. So there's just a few examples of how you can magnetize a screwdriver.