Video transcription

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to show you how to download free Christian MP3 music. Let's go to our computer. There are several sites out there that have actually free Christian contemporary music that you can download on your computer. I'm going to pull up three of them here, and the one I'm going to start with is christianmpfree (f-r-e-e).com. Now this one, if you'll scroll down to the very bottom on the homepage, they have a link here to music. So, I'm going to click on the music link, and this is the listing of the songs that they have available on their website. To download one I'm just going to click on the arrow that's pointing down; this little red area, red arrow and click save. I have a a high-speed Internet connection, so they're downloading very quickly. It may take you as long as, you know, thirty minutes per song if you have like a dial-up type of connection. Now, that one's done. I'll just click open, and then my MP3 song will begin to play. Now, another website that offers free Christian MP3 music is Now, from their homepage, under the music navigation choose MP3 music, and they have here quite a few songs that you can download. You can tell because they have the download text right next to em'. You just click on the one that you want, and it'll download that song. The third one I'll show you is Now, if you'll scroll down here to kind of the middle of this page they have here free MP3 worship songs. Now, click on that link, and here are all of these songs that they have available for free download simply by clicking the download link right there. My name's Dave Andrews, and I've just showed you how to download free Christian MP3 music.