Video transcription

Hi. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to spot clean your carpets. There are several different methods you can use. And there are so many products out there to help you spot clean your carpets. Things like this, that come with the brushes already on the end. Or, if you have a little more money to spend, and the stains are more frequent, you can go and buy, you know a big carpet shampooer. But if you just have a little stain. I'll put a little mustard on this carpet, and work it in a little bit. And you just need, you know, you just got a little stain on your carpet, it's no big deal. Make a solution of vinegar and water to keep under your sink, and you can have it all times. Vinegar and water is excellent for removing stains. Always block the stain, which I didn't do just now, but always block the stain, to remove the bulk of, in this case it was mustard, before you start to clean it. Another thing you can use, is rubbing alcohol, it works great. You can put it on a cotton ball; you can put it on a cleaning rag, and use that to rub the stain with. But the best stain remover that I've found, is to grab some dishwashing liquid. And if you don't have white carpets, you want to make sure it doesn't have bleach in it. You want to make sure it doesn't have lanolin in it, because that may be a little too oily. Put a little bit in a bowl with some water. And if you want you can add some vinegar to that or ammonia. Get that on a rag, and work it into the stain. You can see how well this works. If you have the time to mix something like this up, and you have all the ingredients, it really is an excellent, excellent stain remover. After you're done scrubbing the stain, you just want to spray some water on it to rinse it a little bit, and blot it dry with a clean rag. That's it! I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that's how you spot clean a carpet.