Video transcription

Hi. My name is Justyn with Justyn Paul Management. I'm going to talk with you today about how to open an electronic safe. Believe it or not I actually get this question on a regular basis. And it mostly has to do with when businesses come to me and they ask what are the best ways to do a data backup, store their information on site. And so we usually discuss how and the best ways to protect their information. I always recommend at least a small fire safe. If nothing else in the case of a disaster you have backups of your data that you should have access to right away. Of course there are other methods of backing up your data but there's also a good reason to have a fire safe on site for the purpose of protecting a little bit of cash if you have it on hand for security reasons. So with an electronic safe though, a lot of people choose these because they are perceived at least to be much safer than traditional cases. A lot of safes have small key systems and that's it. And of course a key can be picked, a key lock especially. You have dial systems and the like. And again there's the perception that an electronic safe is much safer. The short answer is probably that electronic safe will be more safe. But as you can find very quickly with a quick Internet search, there are some incredibly easy ways to break into an electronic safe. For example, many electronic safes have a fail system. Like for example if the battery would have died on the electronic safe, there's a way to actually open up the lock. Those systems are carefully guarded but often the information leaks. So if you have a very popular electronic safe, it is likely that you can find a way to break into it. Again another example that pops in top of my head is one of my clients had a small safe. And when you actually unlock the small logo, the symbol that was on front of the safe. With a screwdriver now, that's all it took. And the actual little metal badge would rotate down and you could stick a screwdriver into there and hold the reset button down and just enter a code of one and then the safe would open up. And what's worse, there was no audit trail left with that. So somebody that knew that safe and how to break into it, could literally walk up to it with a screwdriver. In thirty seconds have the safe open, close it back, put the seal back in place and you would never know and have any way to tell if somebody had been into it. Other than of course that your information or your valuable cash or whatever else you had in the safe was gone. So electronic safes can be much safer. Before you purchase one, do a quick search on the Internet to see if there are a whole slew of videos or websites that explain how to break into those safes. And if you do find yourself in a situation where your electronic safe will not open, call the manufacturer and they'll be able to walk you through how to quickly and easily break into the safe so that you can get your information out and reset your password.