Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to clean dust off of your silk flowers. I got a little bit ahead of myself and already had them in the bag. That brings me to the first thing I'm going to show you. If you have a lot of dust on your flowers, and it's been a while since you cleaned them. Or maybe somebody at their house has some really pretty silk flowers that they're sick of, because they got dirty and they want to give them to you and you're like, eh, they're kind of dusty. If you think they've got some potential, bring them home, stick them in a plastic bag with some salt. Kosher salt works best, because it's much more, you know it's a little more, little, edges are sharper is what I'm saying. Put it in the bag with the salt, and shake it up. After you do this, the edges of the salt should knock off those dust particles really well, and you should have some perfect flowers when you're done. That worked really, really well. Another thing you can do, if you have silk flowers that aren't too, detailed like these are. Like I have some silk Orchids at my house. It consists of like, one flower and two leaves, you can just wet a rag and wipe it off. Keep in mind that it may bleed a little bit, the color. So, you might not want to use a white rag, or you may want to use a rag that you normally use for cleaning. Also, if you're going around your house cleaning your silk flowers, you can use a fabric softener sheet. It works really well just to wipe the dust off. It's a very good duster for silk, silk flowers. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you clean dust off of silk flowers.