Video transcription

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I'm going to talk to you about what foods lower cholesterol. Generally speaking, foods that have a lot of fiber lower cholesterol. And when most people talk about lowering their cholesterol, they're really talking about lowering their LDL cholesterol, or their low density lipoprotein. That's the cholesterol that has been most associated with clogging the arteries. The way fiber in general works is that when a food that has a lot of saturated fat or a lot of trans fat is consumed and it gets digested and that fat enters the intestinal tract, if a high fiber food enters at the same time, very often it will bind some of that fat and help flush it out of your system. So in that case, that fat is not well absorbed or the absorption rate is decreased significantly therefore your liver doesn't have access to that saturated fat or that trans fat to use it to make more cholesterol. So that's the main reason why you want to include high fiber foods. As far as what foods specifically have a lot of fiber and have been shown to help bind some of that fat in your digestive tract, beans, all sorts of beans whether they're pinto beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, those have had very, very high success rate with helping lower cholesterol. So really any type of legume is a good food to help lowering your cholesterol. Oatmeal, everybody knows about oatmeal, you've seen the commercials on TV. The fiber in oatmeal can really help with lowering cholesterol. So anything that has oats in it, so not just oatmeal but cereals, any kind of oat cereal can also help lower your cholesterol. In addition, the fiber in a lot of fruit and vegetables also can help with lowering cholesterol levels. So you want to make sure that in trying to lower your cholesterol, you have the diet that includes a lot of legumes, a lot of fruits and vegetables and then whole grains such as oats. Another whole grain, rye, rye bread. That's another very high fiber food that can help with lowering cholesterol. So there's several different options of high fiber foods that can help with lowering your cholesterol. The key is to include some of all of those groups so that you don't get burned out or bored of eating the same foods all the time. You've got a wide variety of foods that you can choose to help with lowering your cholesterol.