Video transcription

My name is Christine Marquette and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with Marquette Nutrition and Fitness and I've been asked about a fact sheet for Vitamin D3. You can actually get downloadable fact sheets from the USDA. They have a particular website where they have all of the different vitamins and minerals listed so if you actually desire a fact sheet you can go to the USDA's website, do a key word search on vitamins and minerals and it will take you to the data base where you can download a fact sheet on Vitamin D3, in particular. It may be a little bit more tricky. They will likely have it generically on Vitamin D. One thing to keep in mind with Vitamin D3, some of the research has shown that that is the type of Vitamin D that is most well absorbed. Before this research was actually discovered a lot of the supplemental Vitamin D that you would get in foods or in different multi vitamins was actually Vitamin D2 so now that it is being discovered that Vitamin D3 is actually better absorbed you will begin to see that type of Vitamin D used more frequently in foods as supplementation or ideally that food will contain both. It will have Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 in it because ideally you would have both of those and your body will absorb it better. If you are somebody who is significantly deficient in Vitamin D often your doctor will actually prescribe you Vitamin D3 and you will get prescription strength Vitamin D3 because again that will help restore your body's levels to what is considered normal for Vitamin D much more quickly. So again for a downloadable fact sheet you can go to the USDA site, do a keyword search on Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 specifically may be a little bit more difficult to obtain but again just remember that's the time of Vitamin D that is most readily absorbed and you will begin to see that much more frequently in the use of supplements and in foods that are fortified with Vitamin D.