Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to remove crabgrass from lawns. So crabgrass is a big problem because you'll have a beautiful lawn and then all the sudden you'll have all these wild weedy looking grass in there and it will ruin the grass that you have. And so there's a lot of easy ways to remove it. And you can put boiling water right on the plant it will kill the plant immediately. Or you can try to pull it up piece by piece but in the end you've got to realize that weeds grow in soil that is not healthy. They don't like composted soil, they don't like healthy really good soil whereas grass, your lawn grass, loves healthy soil. And a lot of times you can put all types of chemicals on it to kill that crabgrass but in the end you're not addressing the issue. It's going to come right back. So the only way to get rid of crabgrass in your lawn is every spring and every fall put a layer at least one to two inches of composted material, organic material, could be potting soil, any type of soil, right on top of that crabgrass and then put lots of grass seed into that and just work it's way. And by putting the new grass seed in and the compost over that crabgrass, eventually the new grass will win and if you do it every spring and every fall you will find that you will have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood without using any chemicals and you'll be crabgrass free.