Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment, we're going to talk about how to plant a vegetable garden in a raised bed. Well a raised bed can be anywhere. It can be out on the patio, it can be in your garden, it can be right behind the house on the cement block. It doesn't need a lot of space. And you don't really have to have a formal raised garden. Basically a raised garden is just composted soil, organic material, above what's already existing. So it brings everything up a bit. And so there's good drainage. And you can block it off with wood, or with rocks, or with plants, anyway that you can have a barrier always looks better. And when you're planting vegetables in a raised garden, there's a few rules that you should follow. And you've got to make sure that the vegetable is right sized for the garden. For example, corn can get three feet tall and three feet wide. You want to have them spaced three feet apart. So if you've got a raised vegetable bed that's only four feet by four feet, you can only put a few ears of corn in there. So you always want to make the taller plants on a pyramid to the smaller plants. So they're not shading out any of the smaller plants. So you want to put the corn to the back of the bed, farthest away from the sun. And you want to put your radishes and your carrots, and any plants that are a little bit shorter, to the front of the bed. And then you can always use plants like sweet peas, or peas or green beans, that grow on a vine, and just put a teepee up or a trellis in between and they will grown. And they only have to be three inches apart. And, by doing your research and planting only the vegetables that you use currently in your house, it will save you a lot of time. Because if you don't like spinach, don't grow spinach. But if you love rhubarb, than grow lots of rhubarb. That way, you can have fresh vegetables all summer long, from your personal raised vegetable bed garden.