Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about red tipped Photinia pruning. Photinias come in many colors and they're just a beautiful garden shrub. They make a shrub and they are beautiful. You can plant them and forget them and they will grow and bloom and just be gorgeous but by pruning them you can even enjoy them more and get more flowers on them and you can make them live longer and live better for more years and the rule of thumb is to prune them right after they are done blooming. So right after they are done blooming they start setting buds for the next year so as soon as they are done blooming just cut them back one third the size of the branches so that they don't get as tall, they'll stay more compact and any type Medusa type branches cut those out as well and they are gorgeous plants that you can trim in the Fall and the Winter too so you'll find that in the Fall they have gorgeous leaves and the color turns really pretty but they still will have dead branches or they might get a little bit lanky with the new growth so by just trimming out some of the wild branches but never more than one third in one year of the total plant you will find that your Photinia will bloom even better the next year.