Video transcription

Hi, I'm Koorosh Angali with I'm going to give you some tips on the texture in oil painting. What do we mean by texture? It refers to the quality of the surface of the painting. It could be smooth, rough and medium and so forth. In addition to that it could be rough in that when you touch it you can feel the roughness or you can paint it in such a way that it looks rough by actually it's not rough. The difference between a smooth surface painting is between this; as you can see everything is very much blended out in to each other. All the lines are blended out in to each other and it's as if you can touch it and not feel any kind of roughness at all. Whereas in this painting you can feel the texture and even the application of the paint and the way that the brush strokes are shown are in such a way that not only is it rough to the touch, but to the eye as well.