Video transcription

Hi, I'm Koorash Angali with I'm going to give you some tips on oil painting for beginners. What basically you need as a painter is as follows: One, the first thing is a ground, somewhere on which- something on which you paint. It could be a canvas, it could be a panel. And you can find these actually pre-manufactured in art supply stores. But make sure that if you get a canvas, since the manufactures gesso, or the whiting that they have put on top of this canvas is not real thick enough, give it another two layers of thin down gesso so that it would become non-absorbent enough so that your paint is not wasted. The next thing you need is some sort of paint pigment. Usually oil paint comes in tubes pre-manufactured, you don't have to make your own preparation. You mix this with the medium, linseed, damar, whatever you choose, I'll explain to you later, some sort of medium and then paint with that. The next thing you need is a pallet. You set your set of colors that you use for that particular painting and then mix it on this panel and paint. Usually you need containers for your oil, maybe turpentine, maybe different kinds of oils and so forth. They come in a form that you can attach it to your panel, your pallet, sorry, and use it. The next item that you definitely use is some sort of brush. Brushes come in all sorts of varieties. But the basic is that there are only 3 kinds of brushes, flat brushes, round brushes and filbert brushes. These are flat brushes, they're flat; these are flat brushes, they're flat; you have round brushes, and then you have filberts, that means they are flat brushes which have some sort of half circle top. And each of these brushes are suitable for a different area of painting. Another set of brushes that you need is water color brushes. Because in painting details even with oils, you use water color brushes, that mean sable verses these brushes which are bristle. The other thing that you need is a set of mediums. The best for the beginner is to use a pre-manufactured medium. This is cobalt medium, it's kind of viscous medium, there are alki, which are softer and smoother and less viscous. I personally would like to prepare my own medium. The basic medium that I sometimes use if I don't go through a lot of stages, is to mix the linseed oil with the mar varnish 50/50, and then I add a little bit of, maybe 1 or 2 drops of some sort of drier, we have cobalt drier on the market then we have Japan drier on the market. I add these 3 substances together, mix them in a jar and make sure that the jar has a lid that I can close it down and use it in different stages and through different days that I am working. And that basically covers what you need to start painting in oil.