Video transcription

Let's talk about home remedies for dog itching. The first thing to understand about itching in a dog is; what is the cause. Is there an allergy or flees or something like that or a food allergy that's going on that's causing the itching. And so a Veterinary Clinic would be ideal to diagnose where the itchiness is coming from in the first place, because there are wide variety of reasons a dog can itch. As far as home remedies are concerned if there's dry skin and the skin is not irritated then theres several reasons why a dog can itch. Number one could be quality of food, and so some foods don't have a lot of oils in them and therefore their skin can be dry and that can cause itchiness. Same within the winter sometimes if there's dry heat in the house, like gas heat, sometimes that can cause more dry skin and itchiness as well. Make sure you have a diagnosis first. Home remedies would be using an oatmeal based shampoo. Leaving that on for five or ten minutes once a week or every two weeks. You don't want to bathe more than that cause that could cause more dry skin. The oatmeal is good moisturizing shampoo. Also Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils can typically help some dogs with dry skin. You talk to your Veterinarian Clinic about working out a dosage for your dog as far as that's concerned. And actually just good old brushing can stimulate oil production in your dog's hair coat and help sometime with itchiness. And so again if there's redness or disease of the skin check with your Veterinarian Clinic first, because there are over-the-counter antihistamines that can be given, but they have to be given for the right reason for and the right dose for the right size of animal and your Veterinarian Clinic will guide you with that.