Video transcription

How to style ladies' Mohican hair. Well Mohican hair is the original mohawk so what you might know it more as mohawk. Of course the easiest way to get Mohican hair is to shave the sides of the head and have a nice lovely mohawk, Mohican left fin that you can spray up or gel or whatnot and the likes of it. That of course being the very easiest but very permanent way of going about it and any length of hair can do Mohican hair, it just takes a little bit of time. Kelly's hair is fairly long hair so I'm going to show you a trick on how to knot this up and make it into a nice Mohican style and as well add a few accessories to really finish off that Mohican look. So we've sectioned off Kelly's hair. We've done four different sections just to make it easy and we have already placed in a headband so you have a little bit of an accessory to look at as we go along here but you are just going to want to section it off and really the trick of this is all about knots so let me start here in the back. You're going to want to use bobby pins for this versus hair pins because you're going to need the stability. Hair pins are the lighter loop and those are more for holding down little bits of hair versus bobby pins which are something more industrial and that's what we want to have here and it is just making knots. So you're going to make your first knot and really each knot just needs two little bobby pins. Work your next one up continuing to do just a simple knot feature following the center of the head in the Mohawk area. I wet Kelly's hair down a little bit because she has got a very nice curl to her hair and we wanted to control that. Feel free as it dries to keep the hair wet and moistened so don't worry about that, we have more and keep it all very controlled and clean. You're going to want your knots like that versus having the hair dry and kind of flaring everywhere. Now when you get up into the Mohawk area you might want to break it up into a few more pieces depending on how frontal you want the hawk to come. As you can see as it gets closer to you I'm just simply splitting the hair and making nice little one loop, second loop, lovely little knot, locking it in. Now there's some great pictures out there but predominantly what you find for Mohican is in the male persuasion. Women do have lots of different styles, the typical hawk style hair was a battle style and was worn by both, the more famous of it and that's why we have chosen to do that. Of course there is plenty of other looks that you can do with braids and things like that. Now we're going to just begin to attach all of them together and building up the hawk as we do it. Now if you have shorter hair than Kelly you might only make it through the first round. So if you only make it through the first round you can skip this section and go ahead and go right into finishing styling your ends which you can choose depending on how your hair is. You can use just hair spray and a little bit of heat from a blow dryer or you might have thick or kind of damaged hair already that will actually go up quick and easy with some gel. But as you can see her ends are already coming up and they are curling up and twisting. We're not even adding any spray or anything to start hawking them up. So we went from this past the shoulder length hair to getting it to that shorter length to where we can hawk it out and give it a true Mohican style. These are great feathered pieces here to add at the end, adding those in. The final finished ladies' Mohican look.