Video transcription

How to make a toga. Well togas really are very simple, seriously guys, they're a sheet for the most part. So your only things that you need to take into consideration is the amount of space that you need to go around. So you're going to need some chest measurements and you need some length measurements. So once you have your chest measurement, your length measurement, you're going to want to cutout your piece of fabric to the appropriate size, you're going to want to either go ahead and go through it and hem it or glue the edges down making it pretty depending on whether it's a period toga or whether it's something that's more fun like for Animal House. Depending on the theme, you might want to glue or add some trims to the front of the toga running down the front so that you have that decorative piece coming off the shoulder when it's all tied up. Really it is that simple. Feel free to go out and purchase a sheet versus making a toga, but it's simply as that. Just making the chest measurements and the length. And you just got that all together, once you do, you're just going to simply, put your arm down, nope that arm, wrong arm. We are going to just simply fold it over marking where we need the toga to go. You can easily put some pretty pleats in there if you'd like covering up the nipple taking below the nipple, you decide, OK? There's no wrong or right on that one. You very well could have an underneath outfit toga as well. This is just a simple how to. Once you have your corners set the way you want it, everything is looking good, you're going to either want to pin a broach here or simply just stitch it all down together, whatever you do you want to make sure that the whole section stays together as well. And this is at one point you would decide whether or not to add a belt or to just simply leave it like that. Very, very easy thing to do, how to make a toga.