Video transcription

How to disguise yourself as a woman. Well Justin has volunteered as an excellent model of being very much a guy and yet what tricks we can do to disguise him as a woman. So I think you're going to want to best show your legs just because that right away gives you a woman's vibe. Usually typically you only see men in shorts so we don't very often see a full leg. So something like that is really great to bring out to give you a woman look and don't worry about the hair on your legs, guys if you're not fully dedicated to disguising yourself as a woman, not too many men will really bother with the hair anyways, they'll just think you're European so we're all good with that. Most of all, just get yourself something nice and short to show off that leg. Of course a heeled pump is definitely a nice way to go. Nothing screams female more than the heeled pump but if you can only find yourself some flats or boots then that will work as well. But do try and get that heel and bring that out as well. Now Justin's been gracious enough to use his own hair. He has a nice long hair normally so we've left that out a little bit to give you that female-esque long hair, not to say that you guys out there with the long hair are female in any way, just that long hair definitely screams female so go ahead and get a little bit of long hair and if you don't have it, bring in the wig. Blonds are always very open for having a good time so maybe make yourself a blond. Now Justin here has got a lovely mustache and beard going on and because he's not dedicated to full time womanhood, we've given him a nice little scarf and I highly suggest that if you have any facial hair to simply wrap that around your face and give you a good cover up. Choose something soft and nice for a female vibe. And of course finishing it off with a great female hat. This one I think screams lady very much. I don't think a man would be caught in this hat at all so we can feel very confident that this must be a woman. So you'll want to choose something like that or maybe a hair barrette or accessory that really screams female as well. So I think that you want to just mostly keep in mind a little bit of leg, some hair length, female attire strictly dedicated to them and you will have yourself a very nice female disguise and will definitely be mistaken once or twice at least as a female.