Video transcription

Okay in this segment I'm going to show you how to make- basically how to make your knuckles stronger, or more conditioned to boxing. Okay, now you obviously have your gloves on, it's very difficult to see, so I'm going to take my gloves off. Okay, these are your hands, obviously, this is your hand, right, five digits, there we go. Okay now when you punch, it's very important to correct punch, to punch correctly. Turn your shot over and land on these two knuckles, okay, this is the best way to make it land flush, alright, then you won't get any problems or any damage on your hands. Keep your wrist deed straight, okay. Not like this, not like this. Don't slap, because again, you're going to bend your wrist this way. Okay, throw a straight right hand, you screw it in. Comes in from your chin, screws in, and lands deed on your target, okay, it's flush. Throw a hook, comes in and lands on your hard target, okay. Try to avoid hitting with these two knuckles here, because obviously they're going to break, okay. The hands are made up of a hundred little bones in it, and they can all bust or get bruised. The worst thing is a bone bruise, because then it just keeps getting worse and worse because you can still punch with it. So, this is the best way to create- to make your fist stronger and more conditioned to punching, okay. Not so much with the big 16 ounce gloves, a smaller glove, start soft. Okay, when you got your technique down, you're correct punching, then you start building up and put more power into it, then your wrist becomes more conditioned.