Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to harvest and store walnuts. Walnuts are such a great nut and they're great with salads or even in any kinds of Asian dishes, and I just love 'em. They're really easy to use. So when you're harvesting walnuts, there's a few rules that you should follow. Now walnuts are great and that they fall out of the tree when they're ready and when they're ripe, basically. So you can either wait for them to fall and pick 'em up off the ground or you can take a long pole or a stick and just barely tap 'em in the trees and they'll fall right down. So you can shell 'em fresh or you can dry them out in the sun, whole, within the shell. It doesn't really matter. But inside, you'll have the walnuts and that is the part that you'll want to eat and use, and it's best to dry them too. But they're hard to get out of the shell when the shell isn't dry, so make sure and leave them outside in the hot sun for a few days and let them dry completely, and you can break 'em with a nut cracker or you can even crunch 'em together really hard and a lot of times, they'll break right open. But if they're really not dry, and still pretty wet, they're really hard to separate. And you can store them whether they're in the shell or they're separate. You can keep 'em right in paper bags, or plastic bags, or glass jars, and then you can use them through the winter whenever you need them and they'll store really well. You can keep 'em in the refrigerator but there's really no need for that, if they're dry. They can keep really well right in paper or plastic and that way you can use 'em all through the winter and you can even freeze the fruit too, and use 'em in the winter when you need it as well.