Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk all about how to dry and store gourds. Now, gourds are any type of vegetable that is dried or then used for ornamental reasons, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, squash is used as a gourd, but a lot of these miniature pumpkins are considered gourds as well, because they're all related, and they can all be dried and stored in the same ways, so this little miniature pumpkin, or type of a gourd, we got for Halloween. It's been outside and cold, so it's pretty much stayed as it is, but it's starting to rot just a bit, because it's gotten cold, and I brought it inside. Now, to store it, it's very easy. You don't want to let it rot, but if you cut it right at the point where it's mature, and that it's not decomposing in any way, and all you have to do, is actually store gourds right into a paper box or a paper bag, and leave it in a warm area, whether it's in your attic, or hang it from a hook in your house, where it's warm, or near the fireplace, or anywhere where it's going to stay very dry. A closet that's really dry is also a good way to dry them, and when you store them, you want to keep them dry, and so it's best to dry them in the late summer, and not to wait until winter, where it's already cold, so if you cut them and dry them right away,then they tend to last even longer, but it's amazing, as soon as they're dry, they pretty much stay the way they are, and you can keep them for months, and months, and even years, and what happens, is when they dry, the insides where it's slimy, you cut a pumpkin apart it's very slimy, but when it dries, everything will dry up, and the larger pumpkins, larger gourds, sometimes it's hard to dry them, because it takes forever. You can always cut a little hole in the bottom, and clean out everything, and then dry it that way too, if it's a larger gourd, and that way, a lot of times, it will survive even better, but gourds are easy to dry, and easy to grow, and a real joy to have in your house.