Video transcription

Cellphone numbers cannot really be found, for example, if you meet somebody on the street, and you want to find out what their cellphone number is, there's not really a cellphone phone book, that you can look up that phone number. Cellphones are a little bit more private, because they are a carry with you device, as where landlines stay at one place. That's why landlines, you can look them up, but cell phone numbers, there's really no way to look them up. The only legal way to find somebody's cell phone number, would be to go and have the law find it for them. If there's someone who is harassing you or something, the police will certainly help you find their phone number. However, they probably won't give it to you. They'll probably use it for their own investigation, and that information would remain private, just because these cell phones, like I said, is kind of a more private device, because it's something that everybody carries around with them. They don't just leave it at home, like the home phone. I'm Ben, from the Cellphone Broker, in San Jose. Check us out online,