Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow Artemisia, or wormwood. And it's a beautiful herb, it's also a shrub that's from Asia and Europe. Now wormwood is found in southern Europe all the way through into temperate Asia. Now when they say temperate Asia, they mean the warmer climates of Asia, so mostly through southern China and into Malaysia and even into Taiwan. Now it's a beautiful plant because of it's foliage. It has beautiful silver foliage. And because it's from arid climates, that means really dry climates, it doesn't like to sit in really wet, wet soil, 'cause it can rot out. And Artemisia is related to French tarragon, so it's kind of a herb, and it spreads by rhizomes. So when you start 'em you can start 'em by seed, or some of the rhizomes, which are just kind of a little root. So you just plant them about two to three inches deep. And leave 'em in sun if you live in a climate that's a little cooler near the coast. But if you live in really, really hot climate, then put 'em in part shade and they'll do better. And you can use the Artemisia with wine and different types of chicken dishes and it's a beautiful plant that's gorgeous in the garden as well as in the kitchen.