Video transcription

Hi this is Elizabeth Muller with Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip I am going to show you how to cut men's hair. Now I have a client here that has hair that is out of shape. He needs a hair cut. I am going to cut it to a short hair style and I'm going to use several different scissors to do so. I am going to use my regular scissors, five inch, a good nice pair of scissors too that you need for a good hair cut and I'm going to use some thinning shears to shape it up. Sometimes I'll use a little razor but I'm going to use my shears on the tips of the hair to give it a kind of different texture. He has got a lot of different cow licks so I am going to proceed to work with what he has got and give him a really short short hair cut measuring right here in the middle starting at this point and then taking this measurement and working all the way around just down as a basic layered hair cut with a little bit of spikiness and a little bit of shaping here. I just cut this piece here and divided it and I am going to take the bottom piece and I am going to go ahead and go straight down and cut the hair and proceeded to go ahead and take the next piece and measure it as you see here with the last piece on the top that I have cut previously cut. I want it to be real short to go ahead and take about an inch off this head of hair. See where this point is just follow all the way around like that going down at an angle, 45 degree straight down with the scissors. When I'm done with that all over like that I am going to go ahead and take my thinning sheers and I'm going to go ahead and get in here and texture his hair a little bit by just slicing it just like that and proceeding to take the tips of it and go into it like that especially the front of the hair so I am going to take this piece here also and I'm going to proceed just to cut into it like that. I wanted to go ahead and do that so it can wisp up and get very spiky different kind of layers, make it funky with a little bit of gel and it will look like a great men's hair cut. I am putting in the finishing touches on the hair cut and a little more texturizing to it I used the thinning sheers a minute ago and here you've got it. If you look at it spiky, funky. He has got a few cowlicks and that works with me. I don't mind, I want it to go ahead and spike up here and there. He's got a little bit of wave, work with that wave, don't worry about it. Use you a little Palm Aids and your little gels and you style it up and you should be just fine. It is a great hair cut. This is Elizabeth Muller.