Video transcription

It's late at night, you're falling asleep, and you hear this scurry, scurry, scurry, in the roof above you. Uh oh, you've probably got rats. I'm Janice Creneti. I've been teaching environmental science for about twenty years, and I'm here to answer the question, What do rats dislike? Well unfortunately, if you're trying to get rid of them, the answer is not much. There are a few ways though, that you can discourage rats from occupying your house. First, you need to understand a little bit about rats. They're mammals, they're warm blooded, but they like to find warm sheltered places, in which they can sleep, and also in which they can build their nests. They reproduce very quickly. They can have a litter of babies, as often as once every three weeks, and it's not unusual for that litter to reach a dozen, so that's a lot of rats, in a short period of time. Rats are designed to fit into incredibly small spaces. Their skull is actually squish, so that they can crawl into a space, that's as small as an inch by an inch square, so when you're trying to get rid of rats, the first thing that you want to do, is look around your house, and see, are there any spaces to the outside? Remember, an inch by an inch, and they can actually fit their way in, and especially if they're juveniles. You want to make sure that you close up any of those holes. Sometimes barbed wire, or tin foil, can also be a barrier, but I wouldn't rely on it. The other thing you want to do, is look around the outside of your home, and make sure that you're not encouraging the rat's presence, by food. Make sure bird feeders are a good distance from the house, and make sure that you don't have any uncovered cat food or dog food, around the porch, or something like that. Cover up those holes, cover up the food, and that's your best bet, at encouraging the rats to actually go somewhere else. If that's not working, then you're going to have to get in touch with a professional exterminator. I'm Janice Creneti, and this is, what do rats dislike?