Video transcription

In the fairy tale, the princesses were always kissing these to see if they'd turn in to a prince. In reality if you kiss one of these you're just going to get a little bit slimy. I'm Janice Creneti. I've been teaching animal and environmental science for about twenty years and I'm here to answer the question, where do frogs live. Well, there's lots of different frogs living all over the world. In fact they're found just about everyplace except Antarctica and polar regions up north. It's just too cold for them up there. Your frogs are most diverse around the tropical rain forest. Scientists estimate that there's about five thousand frogs existing today. One of the most diverse group of vertebrates that there are. Frogs are cold blooded and what that means is that their body temperature tends to fluctuate with environmental temperatures. So they can't really stand places that are really really cold. They just can't keep enough heat, it's not possible for them. So instead you tend to find them in temperate and tropical areas. Now in temperate areas like Maine or Pennsylvania where it can get pretty cold and even snow and even have ponds freeze over in the winter, frogs deal with that by hibernating. They bury themselves in the mud, their body processes slow down, that's how they get through the winter and then when the spring comes and the water thaws out, they'll get back to hopping around and start producing some tad poles to turn in to more frogs. The frogs that we're most familiar with are the sort of swimming type frogs. They're the ones that you're going to see sitting on a lily pad or swimming around in the lake. You can recognized those frogs because they have webbing between their toes. And they might have a small claw on the back feet or even on the front feet. Also if you see them stretched out, they're going to have a very very very long body and pretty powerful legs. The other type of frogs that are real common where I live which is in Florida are tree frogs. Tree frogs are easier to identify because they have feet that are almost like suction cups, as you can imagine for climbing a tree. Frogs are very diverse. They can be found all over the world. Some of them are even in poisons. They're a very important species for scientists because they tell us a lot about how healthy the ecosystem is. If there's trouble in the ecosystem, the frogs are usually some of the first species to go. I'm Janice Creneti and this is where do frogs live.