Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark Blocker and in this segment we are going to cover about mortise chisels. What a mortise chisel is is a device or a cutting tool that cuts a square hole in wood. That type of cutting tool can be anything from a hand held square punch that you punch down and use a chisel and dig it out or it can be a powered operated tool that goes in a drill press or a drill or a dedicated mortising machine. Here I have an example and this is a power mortising attachment for a drill press and this cutting head goes into the drill press itself and this is fixed in a platform that holds it straight and consistent with a bunch of clamp down devices and this center drill goes in and cuts a round hole as the outer cutting edge, square cutting head is pushed down by the drill press alongside so while this does the cutting of the circle and removing of the debris the outside four cutting holes is what, or the outside four edges on the mortising tool is what gives it a square cut. Here are some different examples of what a mortising tool can do and it always shows the mortising tool cuts the actual square hole in the wood, the tenon piece, the male piece is actually done with a table saw and a different type of cutting device. But here is an example of a simple mortise, a miter tenon, patch tenon and tusk tenon assembly. So that's what a mortise tool does.