Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark Blocker and in this segment we are going to cover how to fix a blown fuse. O'kay how to fix a blown fuse. Actually there is no real way to repair or fix a blown fuse. What you need to do is replace the fuse. In this particular application the fuse is held in by a socket holder in the back and a lot of electrical items that you don't see have a fuse mounting bracket or a socket extension located somewhere on the back. The fuse is actually located inside the manufacturer recommends a nonuser serviceable item but to replace the fuse what you don't want to do is try and replace it with something other than a fuse, replace it only with the same type of fuse that is removed with the correct voltage and ampage rating for the fuse. You don't ever want to stick a bolt in it to replace the fuse, it just simply plugs into the socket and slides in. If you pull it out and it has got foil or something wrapped around it or a bolt in there that is bad. That bypasses the safety circuit and can easily lead to an electrical shock or a fire. Please do not do this. To replace a fuse it just simply slides in. Replace it with the exactly same type and model of fuse, just insert it back in, slide it back into the utensil. It pushes in and clicks. It's a spring loaded on this type of deal. Remember always replace it with the same type of fuse and make sure the equipment is unplugged when you are doing this. Don't ever try and fix a blown fuse, all you can do is replace it.