Video transcription

Hello. My name is Mark Blocker. In this segment we're going to cover how to install quarter round molding. Okay, as the name quarter round implies, it's one quarter round. If you was to look at this, this would be one quarter of a round dowel rod. It's got flat edges on two surfaces. It's measured by the width on either side. In this case, be 3/4 of an inch. And it's usually mounted in a corner itself. And this could be between a cabinet and a wall being made of sheet rock in a home. This is a little jig I put together for demonstration purposes. Or this could be between two wood cabinets themselves. And if you mount in between two cabinets, you're going to want to make sure you got fasteners long enough to go through the molding and into the cabinet but not too long to punch through the width of the cabinet or inside the cabinet. Same way if you're mounting it to the wall, you'll want it to go through the sheet rock and be long enough to go through the sheet rock and reach in to a stud. Some of the things you may need is a fasteners themselves; be it nails or whether you're using an actual nail gun, Powermatic air nailer, a hammer and a nail set. The nail set's used for when you pound the nail down, you get almost flush to the wood, you use a nail set to drive it the rest of the way down. And that allows you to countersink the nail a little bit lower than the wood itself so you can putty and cover over it and it also prevents you from damaging the molding itself with the hammer. Now if you need to use long fasteners to go through sheet rock and back in to the wall, some of these thicker fasteners can easily split the quarter round molding. Because you can't come straight in, if you're going in to a wall, you got sheet rock here, and you would have to have in that back corner a stud to mount this in to. Sometimes what you need to do is to go in there at angle and drill through this or come through this way. These larger fasteners or finish nails might easily split this narrow wood. In that case, you would want to predrill the holes. And that's done by siting the angle that you want to go in to. By predrilling the holes, you can pre stick in the nails, tap them in and that holds everything in place while you hold the molding in. And that prevents the molding from splitting or cracking. If you try and drive this through like a wedge, smaller molding will have a tendency to split and crack and that damages the molding and prevents you from using it. So there's just a few demonstrations of how you would mount quarter round molding.