Video transcription

Hi my name is Samir Malik and I'm a private tutor for middle school and high school students in Austin, Texas and today we are going to discuss how to use a ruler. For those of you who have never seen a ruler this is what a ruler looks like. On one side of it we have the inches and on the other side we have the centimeters and the centimeters as you all know are broken down into millimeters. Now I'm going to show you how to actually use a ruler but first of all we can create a question for us on what to use for the ruler so let's go ahead and say let's draw a line that is two inches long. So we will go ahead and draw that for you. So we started the 0 and we go all the way to 2. This illustrates for us a line that is 2 inches long. Now if we wanted to do 2 centimeters long we could do the same thing just flip the ruler over, start at 0 and we go all the way to 2 and there we have it. We have 2 centimeters right here. So here we have 2 inches and here we have 2 centimeters. This is how we use our ruler. So there we have 2 inches and then we have 2 centimeters from what I drew and that gives you an idea on how we can use this ruler. It is a very handy tool and it helps us draw straight lines whenever we need to draw straight lines.